green olives

Green Olives Stuffed With Hot Pepper

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Best Chili Pepper Stuffed Egyptian Olives Tips You Will Read This Year

Stuffed green olives are characterized product for 2 brother's company.

we stuffed our pitted green olives manually by practicable women whom

have professional experience in stuffing process in a safety way.
Stuffed green olives are of 6 types, with carrot, Lemon, garlic, pepper strips

(hot, sweet), pepper past, gherkins.
Stuffed green olives are produced with different sizes (from 8 0piece / kg up to

180 piece / kg) and styles (Spanish style and water salt) .
Stuffed green olives are packed on plastic barrels and pails and buckets, metallic tins,

glass jars, pet jar and pouches with different weights according to the customer request

and size of the packages.


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