Pitted green olives

Pitted green olives

Pitted green olives

Discover perfectly pitted olives with uniform texture and size, thanks to our advanced processing machines.

1. We clean and sort freshly picked green olives to make sure they are good quality.

2. Our machines take out the pits from the olives to make them the same size and texture.

3. We put the pitted olives in a salty solution to get rid of bitterness and make them taste better.

4. The olives soak in a mix of herbs and spices to make them taste rich and savory.

5. We do strict quality checks to make sure our olives are really good.

6. Our machines carefully pack the olives to keep them fresh and easy to use.

7. The olives go through a final sterilization process to make them last a long time on the shelf and be ready for cooking.


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