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If you are looking to import olives and other pickles? Yes, you are in the right place for your business. When you learn more about our company and our products, you will know the extent of our ability to provide all your needs, which are summarized in:

  • Providing price offers for olives and pickles, including shipping and customs clearance prices
  • Providing appropriate packaging that meets your market by working with the customer’s brand - We provide you with all the information related to the documents required to complete the import deal
  • Providing information about our products, olive growing and harvesting seasons, and their cultivation places in Egypt
  • Continuous communication with customers until all the inventory in supermarkets, shops and various pizza restaurants is sold
  • If you encounter a problem in marketing the product in your country, we can find a market for the product through our great relationship, as we are a member of the Olive Export Council and we have membership in various foreign chambers of commerce.
  • You can have ongoing meetings with us through our continuous presence in international exhibitions such as Gulf Foods, Anouga, and international food exhibitions.
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Every Department in Two Brother Company Work on a Specific Part to Serve The Rest of the Departmants to Accomplich a Specific Mission according to a set of criteria and Tactics .

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We Aim To Provide Our Consumers With Healthy & Delicious Canned Food

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Наш план состоит в том, чтобы построить отличный бизнес во всем мире, и для достижения этого мы должны выпускать продукты и спецификации, подходящие для рынков, на которые мы хотим выйти, сохраняя при этом (высокое качество, конкурентоспособные цены, хорошее обслуживание, быстрый ответ на запросы клиентов). , предоставление всего необходимого количества)

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It's said that a picture can say a thousand words, and a video may say even more. You can learn a lot about our company within the next few seconds by watching our promotion video.

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We assure the highest quality products in the market that complies with international standards.


We provide multiple varieties of products that suits all needs and budgets.


Our local facilities produce the finest products.


We provide you with a quick and accurate worldwide support.

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We adhere to the highest quality standards in the use of natural resources and production processes.

We strive for sustainability and environmental responsibility in every stage of our work.

Our mission is reflected in our ability to provide unique herbs and spices that meet the expectations of our customers.

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I really recommend this page to get your organic and fresh food ... the staff are so helpful ..the are so punctual and accurate ... they are amazing ????❤️❤️❤️❤️ order فطير you will not be regretted ????

Asmaa Moustafa

Asmaa Moustafa

Thanks For You help, It's Pleasure to find someone reliable, but can actually get things done.

Asmaa Mahmoud

Asmaa Mahmoud position #3

Thanks For You help, It's Pleasure to find someone reliable, but can actually get things done.

Ahmed Mostafa

Ahmed Mostafa position #2

very good planning and good people


wahed position #1

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