Kalamata Olives

Kalamata-Oliven ganz

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Kalamata Olives Whole(With stone)

Variety : Kalamata Olives
Origin: Egypt
Ingredient : Pitted Kalamata Natural Black olives 48%, Water 45.4%, Salt 5%,
Acetic Acid 1.5% and Calcium Chloride 0.1mg.
Storage Conditions: Ambient Temperature and out of directs sunlight
Handling Precautions: Handle with Care
GMO Status : None GMO
Free from any Allergen
Pesticides: Free of Pesticides
Kosher / Halal Certificate : Product is eligible for Kosher / Halal Certificate
Thermal Process : Pasteurized Product
Intended use: To be used for direct Consumption or after adding to Salads and for all
Ages and Vegan.
Color :Through to full purple black.
Flavor & aroma :Typical of Natural Black olives without off odors
Texture: Firm & fleshy
Appearance : Absent off foreign bodies
Total Defect : 15 % Max “according to Codex 66/1981 Standard”
• Broken Pieces :15%
• Pits or pit fragments: Max. 1 pit or pit fragments /300g sliced olives
Pathogenic Bacteria : Free from Pathogenic micro-organism
Spoilage organisms: Free from spoilage micro-organism
A10 Tin Can in Carton Box,
Glass jars in carton box

Drums x 160 kg Dw, Plastic pails, plastic jars


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