Kalamata Olives

Kalamata-Oliven ganz

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Kalamata black olives

Black olives, naturally ripe, of uniform size, with typical Kalamata variety shape, of natural fermentation,

free of Dacus or other signs of fly infections.

Kalamata black olives have a special shape curved in the top.

the farmers pick these olives by hand after they have reached full maturity.

The Kalamata olive is one of best around the globe and linked with the highest quality.

Appearance of Kalamata : Dark brown, purple, black typical of olives naturally ripen and fermented in brine

Fruity, typical of naturally ripen and fermented Kalamata olives, slightly salty, without off flavors of side fermentation (zapateria, butyric, decayed egg, etc.).

Cultivar: Kalamata Uses: Table / oil / cooking

From: Egypt Texture: occassionaly Soft and fleshy

there is alot of type of packing avilable as clints request.just call us and we will show you all type we have

Microbiological Data

According to IOC “Trade Standard Applying To Table Olives”

Total viable count at 30°C (TVC)

<109 c.f.u./g

Total Yeasts

<109 c.f.u./g

Total Lactobacillus

<109 c.f.u./g


< 103/g

Total Coliforms

< 10/g

Staphylococcus aureus

< 10/g

Salmonella spp / 25 g


Listeria Monocytogenes /25g



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