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Your Key To Success: Dear Our Importers

If you are looking for importing olives and other pickles? Yes, you are in the right place for your trade. When you get to know more about our company and our products, you will know the extent of our ability to provide all your needs, which are summarized in:
Submitting quotations for olives and pickles, including shipping rates and customs clearance
- Providing the appropriate packages that meet your market by working with the customer’s brand - We provide you with all the information related to the documents required to complete the import deal
Providing information about our products, the seasons of olive cultivation and harvest, and the locations of their cultivation in Egypt
-Continuous communication with customers until all stocks are sold in supermarkets, shops and various pizza restaurants
- If you encounter a problem in marketing the product in your country, we can find a market for the product through our great relationship, as we are a member of the Olive Export Council and we have membership in the various foreign chambers of commerce
-You can make continuous meetings with us through our continuous presence in international fairs such as Gulf Foods, Anuga and international food fairs

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