Sliced Black Olives

Sliced  Black Olives

Sliced Black Olives

Experience the journey of sliced black olives from tree to table. Discover our range of packaging options for a taste that's always fresh and delicious.

  1. Olives are picked from trees and sorted to remove any damaged or unripe ones.
  2. They are washed to remove dirt and debris, then the seeds are removed. This can be done by machine or by hand, depending on the scale of production.
  3. After removing the seeds, the olives are sliced into uniform pieces using slicing machines.
  4. The sliced olives are placed in brine or curing solutions to improve flavor and preserve them. This may involve adding herbs, spices, and flavorings.
  5. Once sliced and brined, the olives are packaged in jars or cans. The packaging may include additional brine or oil to keep the olives moist and flavorful.
  6. The packaged olives are sterilized to ensure they are free from harmful bacteria and have a longer shelf life.
  7. Finally, the jars or cans of sliced black olives are labeled with product information and distributed to retailers or consumers.

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