Jalapeno Benfits

Jalapeno Benfits

Jalapeno Benfits


A typical jalapeno pepper packs more vitamin C than an orange, so if you need your extra C, grab a jalapeno.

How much vitamin C, you ask? A single 14 gram jalapeno pepper contains 10% of your daily needs. According to Nutrition Data, a single 73 gram chili pepper contains 83%.

Jalapenos and other spicy chili peppers can also help you lose or control your weight.

Capsaicin, the chemical that makes chili peppers hot, is a thermogenic. Thermogenics stimulate the body’s burning of fat by increasing the metabolism of the body’s adipose tissue, generating heat.

For losing weight, a smart and healthy move is to drop fatty foods and replace them with some chili pepper spice, along with the inclusion of regular exercise, of course.

At Daegu University, Korea, biotechnologist Jong Won Yun and colleagues report that capsicum lowers caloric intake, shrinks fat tissue and reduces fat levels in the blood.

what you should know about egyption jalapeno benfits

-Heals inflammations & Reduces risk of cancer

- Cardiovascular benefits & Burns fat for weight loss

- Improves nervous system &Soothes intestinal diseases

- Rich in vitamin C and antioxidants & Fights migraine and sinus headaches

- Lowers blood pressure and protects the heart


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