Variations of our products


Variations of our products

A brief introduction to the history of our company

  • Our company started in 2008 in the production and processing of olives and pickles, and olives were considered the main product in our exports.
  • As a result of the rapid change in the world and the new products required by the outside world, and out of the company’s vision of adding new products and advancing the company’s level, various studies have been carried out to reach products that can be added to foreign markets. Hence, jalapeno pepper and artichoke were among the most important products that helped advance the company.
  • Various marketing studies have been carried out and at a high level of experience, the product has been marketed, thanks to God. First, there was a good demand for pepper, which is characterized by excellent quality, as it is manufactured and some materials that give it a special taste have been added.
  • The company seeks to add new products every year, which helps to increase the percentage of Egyptian exports abroad.


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