Egyptian Kalamata olives


Egyptian Kalamata olives

Black olives, naturally ripe, of uniform size, with typical Kalamata variety shape, of natural fermentation,

  • free of Dacus or other signs of fly infections.
  • Kalamata black olives have a special shape curved in the top.
  • the farmers pick these olives by hand after they have reached full maturity.
  • The Kalamata olive is one of best around the globe and linked with the highest quality.
  • Appearance of Kalamata : Dark brown, purple, black typical of olives naturally ripen and fermented in brine
  • Fruity, typical of naturally ripen and fermented Kalamata olives, slightly salty, without off flavors of side fermentation (zapateria, butyric, decayed egg, etc.).
  • Cultivar: Kalamata Uses: Table / oil / cooking
  • From: Egypt Texture: occassionaly Soft and fleshy
  • there is alot of type of packing avilable as clints request.just call us and we will show you all type we have


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