Olives Benfits


Olives Benfits
Olives are very high in vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants. Studies show that they are good for the heart and may protect against osteoporosis and cancer.
⚫Olives are an unusual fruit because of their high fat content. Their most abundant fat is oleic acid, which may have several health benefits.
⚫Olives are a good source of vitamin E, iron, copper, and calcium.
⚫They may also contain high amounts of sodium if packaged in saltwater.
⚫Olives are particularly rich in antioxidants, including oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, tyrosol, oleanolic acid, and quercetin.
⚫Olives are very rich in antioxidants that may contribute to a variety of benefits, such as lower cholesterol and blood pressure.


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