are Ripe black olives good for you


are Ripe black olives good for you

Ripe Oxidized black olives (California style )(spanish style)

  • One of the important factors in the production of oxidized black olives, whether whole, sliced ​​or pitted .

  • is the oxidation method and converting it from green olives to oxidized black

  • Egypt is characterized by the diversity of olive types, where Manzinallo olives occupies a high place in terms of taste and quality, especially when they turn to black oxidized .

  • There are many sizes of olives, starting from 200 to 320, and this depends mainly on the type of olive.

  • Many importers prefer olives of small size, which are of great interest to restaurants specializing in pizza

  • One of the most important factors is keeping oxidized olives in the refrigerator after opening the package to protect it from corruption


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