Why Pitted Black Olives are the Best


Why Pitted Black Olives are the Best

**Ripe Oxidized pitted black olives /California style

  • acutally this olives not naturally ripe ( colour -intensely black- comes from an industrial oxidation process where typically green olives are subject to strong alkaline treatments and exposed to iron salts, then packed in specific tins such as A10 & A12 tins then be sterilized in autoclave.
  • After oxidization process done we use best type of spanish machines to make whole black olives to be pitted ripe black olives and then repack it to differnt type of packing like tins and glass jars
  • Store in the refrigerator after opening the package and consume within a few days.
  • -This type of oxidized black olives is very healthy for humans, especially heart and diabetes
  • patients, as it contains a very small percentage of salt and conforms to the Egyptian Standard Specification


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