Sliced Green olives

Sliced Green olives

Sliced Green olives

Delicious Sliced Green Olives - Carefully Sorted and Packed for Quality Assurance. Explore Our Premium All-Packaging Options Today!

1. We carefully sort and wash freshly picked green olives to make sure they are clean and high quality.

2. Our machines efficiently remove the pits from the olives, so they are all the same size and texture.

3. We use advanced slicers to cut the pitted olives into even slices, keeping the product consistent.

4. The sliced olives are put in a brining solution to remove bitterness and make them tastier. We also add herbs and spices for extra flavor.

5. We check the quality of the sliced olives at different stages to make sure they meet our high standards.

6. Automated systems sort and pack the sliced olives carefully to keep them fresh and convenient.

7. The sliced olives go through a final sterilization process to make them shelf-stable and ready to eat.


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