Black Olives

Sliced Black Olives

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Sliced Black olives-In Brine

If you need to import sliced black olives for Pizza restaurant you will need small size of sliced black olives to give you great taste and more selle Espacially Egyption olives Manzinallo type and picual type.

we provide our clints and importers with spanish style Black Olives that had alot of inquires from wharhouses and hotles and restuarnt and retails as well

Packages Avilable

slicd black olives can packe in differnt type of packages like :

Metalic tins A10, A12,A24.

Glass jars :370 ml, 450 ml,720 ml, 1050 ml

Thes best Ingredients we can offer you

Sliced black olives ( 52 %) , water( 45.85 %) , salt( 2 %) , Acidity regulator – lactic acid ( 0.05 % ) color stabilizer – Ferrous Gluconate ( 0.1 %)

for more information you can contcat us direct