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How Whole Black Olives Can Get YouYour Heart's Desire

- Whole Ripe oxidized black olives are produced from air oxidation of natural green

olives saved in water and salt only Air oxidation process start with washing of green

olives by clean water to eliminate the salt and decrease salt concentration from 12%

to 5 % and adjust the PH before oxidation process.

-After that treatment of the green olives with Soda (NaOH) with certain concentration

(conc. Differ according to type of olives) for several times during each time washing with water.

-After that start air treatment for 3 days with adjusting the PH and Salt and adding ferrous

glucose as color stabilizer (0.1 %).

-After the oxidized olives become black (80 % dark black) we start the calibration process

and selection of olives from defects and then packing in metallic tins with the required weight.

- then filling the hot brine inside the metallic tins and seaming processes, then sterilization of the

product inside the autoclave at 121 C for detected time according to the size of the tins, then labeling and carton.

-then incubation period for 7 days then become ready for exporting.

-Whole Ripe oxidized black olives are produced according to the Californian style or Spanish style according to the customer request.

- Whole Ripe oxidized black olives may be Azizi black olives, picual black olives, manzanilla black olives, gordal black olives, kobrosi black

olives and Aksi black olives with different sizes according to the customer request.

-Whole Ripe oxidized black olives are packed in metallic tins A24, A12, A10, A9, A73, A99 with different sizes and weights according to the customer request.

-Whole Ripe oxidized black olives are healthy, delicious, safety olives specialized for all age and valid for pressure diseases people.

-Ripe oxidized black olives are slightly salty without any preservatives and sterilized products .


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