Pickled Onion

Pickled Onion

Pickled Onion

The silverskin onions will be suitable for pickle manufacture. The product will be supplied washed, peeled, graded and sorted.

The origin of the silverskin seeds of the species Allium Cepa L is Italy or South Afrika..

Appearance : white onions , naturally sun ripened, of uniform size, with typical species Allium Cepa variety shape, of natural fermentation, free of Dacus or other signs of fly infections.

Color: white typically of onion naturally ripen and fermented in brine.

Taste: Pungent and mild taste, typical of naturally ripen and fermented onions , slight salty, without off flavors of side fermentation (zapateria, butyric, decayed egg, etc.).

Texture: Firm, crunchy texture, not tough or soft.

Ingredients : Silverskin onions , water, salt, acidity regulator Acetic acid( E260), Citric acid(E330),Firming agent: Calcium chloride(E509).

Sizes: onions Diameter Minimum 18 mm , Maximum 22 mm.

Packages : available in glass jars and barrels.


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