Are gherkins good for you . Pickled Gherkins is one of the best appetizers . . However it is sweet gherkins or Salty . . The most interresting question is : . How To Make Gherkins ? . Fermented brines contain good bacteria that act as a probiotic which will benefit your digestive and gut health. . A gherkin is a pickled baby cucumber. The name “gherkin” comes from the Dutch word “gurken,” which means small pickled cucumber. . Gherkins, also known as baby pickles or miniature cucumbers, are usually one to two inches long.

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زيتون كالاماتا

Kalamata olives are a type of olive named after the city of Kalamata, Greece, where they were first grown. . Are kalamata olives good for you . Like most olives, they’re rich in antioxidants and healthy fats and have been linked to multiple health benefits, including protection against heart disease. . Apperance : Dark Purple olives of uniform size, with typical kalamata variety shape, free of Dacus or other signs of fly infections . . They are prepared from olives calibrated according to the following sizes : . ( 140/160 - 160/180 - 180200 - 200/220 - 220/240 - 240/260 - 260/280 - 280/300 )

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فلفل هلابينو

Jalapeno peppers are a type of chili pepper that are usually green in color, but can also be red. . They are named after the city of Xalapa in Veracruz, Mexico. . Lets take a look at its properties: . Physical Properties: . Appearance: Jalapeno peppers measure about two to three inches in length and have smooth skin. . Color: Usually green in color, but can also be red. . Taste: They are typically mild in flavor, but can be quite spicy. . Nutritional Information: . Jalapeno peppers are high in vitamins A and C, as well as antioxidants. . They also contain capsaicin, which is the compound...

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نتطلع لثقه عملائنا

Pickling green olives, water and salt (prepared for oxidation) In this publication, we explain the method of receiving and storing green olives that have been oxidized (turning their color to black in the factory through aerobic oxidation) . Remember the steps . 1- The good and required varieties for oxidation in Egypt are (Manzanillo - Picual - Ajizi - Nepali). 2- The fruits are collected in the early ripening phase, which is the time when it is somewhat easier to separate the seed from the meat, so that it is then easier to use it in manufacturing processes such as cellulite and...

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طريقه عمل هريسه الفلفل اللذيذه

Chili Pepper Pasta Producing we collect fresh red and green pepper from our farm and wash it well throgh Haccap plan. Fresh pepper is chopped, then add somechemical additive calcium chloride and vinegar are Citric acid and potassium sorbate . It is boiled until 90 degrees and then it is packed in the containers designated for that. We have alot of packing A10,plastic pails.

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