green olives

зеленые оливки без косточек

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** 6 Ways Geen Olives Preparation MethodsCan Make You Rich **

(1) Spanish style cooking Method

1-Green Olives are harvested Manually by persons,to reduce and avoid injuries to the olives

2-once olives collected they receive a short alkaline treatment to neutralize the bitter oleuropeine

acid from the unripe fruit.

3-then they are put into brine where a slow natural lactic fermentation (from 2 to 3 months) occurs

and the bitterness of the fruit is mostly eliminated.

3-finally they are desalted and prepared in our special way delivering a unique, delicious, nutritive and

healthy product in different types of package according to the customer's request.

(2) Water /salt style ( Egyptian traditional method

1- Green Olives are harvested by hand, so as to avoid injuries to the fruit.

2- once collected they are treated by saline solution at certain concentration (10-12% NaCL) And saved

in our stores for 3-4 months until suitable for oxidation process


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