The beauty of banderillas lies in their versatility! Here are some ideas for Egyptian and Indian-inspired banderilla tapas :

Appearance : Delicious Banderillas are made of Indian gherkins , Netherlands onion , stuffed green olives , California red pepper strips , Lombardi sweet peppers strips free of Dacus or other signs of fly infections.

Color: Specific color for each ingredient.

Smell: Fruity, typical of Delicious Banderillas.

Taste: Fruity, salty, without off flavors of side fermentation (zapateria, butyric, decayed egg, etc.).

Texture: Firm, fleshy texture.

Ingredients : Indian gherkins , Netherlands onion , stuffed green olives with red peppers , strips californial red peppers , Lombardi sweet pepper strips.

Sizes: Indian peppers 6 cm , onion 18-21 , olives 180-200 , peppers strips 2*2 cm.

Packages : available in glass jars and barrels.


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